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    FBR Update

    Fantasy Battle Rap systems update.... 

    First, thank you to everyone who has taken the time in the past few months to vote on the battle matches on our site. We have been able to test some really cool stuff and come up with new ideas because of your participation. 

    Currently, the back end system that will operate the entire fantasy game has been developed and we are now starting to design and code on the front end. Some challenges in the back end phase slowed us down but we were able to iron them out and we are excited to be moving into the next phase of developing this app. We've basically had to build our own Draft Kings from top to bottom. 

    We've also started working on some really cool video plugins that will add to the viewers experience and help us collect data on the battles as they are happening.  

    We still have a few more challenges to overcome before we can show to the world what we've built, but trust we are working day and night until it's done! 

    Until next time, keep supporting battle rap by buying the Live Streams, V.O.D's artist merch and showing up to the events when they are in your city. 

    Talk soon. 


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